Good Balance

the Philosophy of wellbeing

Chiropratica Como

Forniamo a Como trattamenti chiropratici e kinesiologici per risolvere problemi di salute



Specialized treatments for your wellbeing

Chiropractic evaluates the human body and its health as a whole, taking into account all factors that bring the body to a state of wellbeing, and are necessary to overcome all the daily stressors that might weaken the body and mind. Born in the United States, Chiropractic uses numerous techniques that help the body – primarily the musculoskeletal system, but also its organs and its biochemical function- to find its optimal balance.


The First Visit

thorough analysis to get to the root of your problem

The first visit consists of a thorough examination to evaluate the patient's complaint from various points of view, in order to identify its root cause and better define the course of treatment. A synergetic combination of the knowledge of different specialists is used to help focus the treatments on the global wellbeing of each patient and assists in rapidly achieving the specific therapeutic goals.



JP Meersseman started JPM in 1990 in order to offer the very highest standards of practice in an environment where the patient can be sure to be evaluated, listened to and helped to achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. Through the years, the methods and techniques have evolved to deliver to our patients the best possible care.


Event space

Nathalie Meersseman and Jean Pierre Meersseman created this space in order to share their passion about Chiropractic with fellow practitioners, and to provide information and education to our patients. In “Spazio Eventi” we hold seminars where we host Chiropractors from all over Europe, since we believe that thorough on-going education is essential for optimal professional practice.

JPM offers free evening lectures to inform patients and to spread knowledge about chiropractic. If you are interested, please contact our front desk.