!! DATES WILL CHANGE!! NOT Module 1 with Evelyne Rupp

19-22 March 2020

Introduction to Kinesiology and Muscle Testing (19/03/2019)

Introduction to the muscle testing phenomena and applying it as a diagnostic tool.
This seminar is mandatory for professionals who have not attended any Applied Kinesiology
seminars. The focus will be on the aspects of AK that are necessary to test for the protocols of N.O.T..
This is a one day Seminar (7 hours) that will be taught in conjunction with Module one.

Module One: STRUCTURAL (20-21-22/03/2019)

• Atlas mobility
• Category I: Dural adaptation in reaction to a stressor.
• Switches
• Universal cranial fault: Its importance in all systemic, autoimmune & genetic problems...
• Head and pelvis centering reflexes: Neuro – anatomical support and relation to primary functions.
• Lateral Occiput & Anterior Atlas
• Anterior Femur Head Subluxation and Ileotibial Ligament

• Cranial Injury Complex: Relation to chronic cervical problems & the characteristic reactive muscular chain.

• The temporo-mandibular joint: An approach to this joint in relation to the primary functions.
• Universal jaw l: Its relation with hypo-tonicity of muscles below the diaphragm.
• Universal jaw II: Its relation with diaphragm and perineal muscles.

• Defensive jaw (Emotional / pain control) / Coccygeal release for Dura.
• Fascial defense system
• The Pelvic Injury Complex: A very important step to fix chronic sacro-iliac problems.

• Structural jaw complex / Category II: Connection between S.I. joints, T.M.J. and the skull.

• Category III: Lumbar and disc involvements.



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Evelyne Rupp has been a state certified naturopath since 1991 and a Neural organization technique practitioner since 1994.

In 1995 she received her training as an N.O.T. Instructor with Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. (Brooklyn / New York) and she teaches the Neural organization technique (N.O.T.) worldwide since that time.

In 2017, she completed her holistic therapy with a three-year training as DO.CN ® (training as osteopath / chiropractor / neural therapist).

Evelyne currently lives in Germany and is the mother of two grown children.


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