NOT Module 3 with Evelyn Rupp

26-28 June 2020

Module Three: LEARNING DISABILITIES (L.D.) • Review of Module 1 and 2
• Learning Disabilities
How to help patients presenting learning disabilities, behavioural troubles, hyperactivity, emotional stress,
etc..... Very useful if you work with disabled and/or gifted children

- Cranial section
- Vestibulo / ocular reflex system and Spheno-palatine component
- Auditory processing component
- Peripheral visual and auditory distractibility tests
- Directions of eye muscle fault in dyslexia
- Special section for A.D.D. and A.D.H.D
• Emotional Clearing Techniques.
• Extremities: Demonstration of Joint interlinks for those with manual skills.


Cost of the seminar is 590 euros for the week end



Evelyne Rupp has been a state certified naturopath since 1991 and a Neural organization technique practitioner since 1994.

In 1995 she received her training as an N.O.T. Instructor with Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. (Brooklyn / New York) and she teaches the Neural organization technique (N.O.T.) worldwide since that time.

In 2017, she completed her holistic therapy with a three-year training as DO.CN ® (training as osteopath / chiropractor / neural therapist).

Evelyne currently lives in Germany and is the mother of two grown children.


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