!!!DATE CHANGE!!! BGI “The Posterior geometry is related to foundation, to our physicality.”

15-17 May 2020

BGI, Bio Geometric Integration, is the chiropractic approach developed by Sue Brown, D.C. It incorporates quantum science into our chiropractic philosophy, and blends it with sacred geometry in an approach that focuses on delivering the adjustive input through the specific system in which the potential energy is stored, whether soft connective tissue or osseous. BGI is not a technique as it allows the mastery of each practitioner to influence and affect how the awareness is applied, rather than providing one right way to apply one's skills. 


The cost of the seminar is:

500 euros for chiros

400 euros for first year graduates

250 euros for students


Amy Burke, D.C. has been practicing since 2000 and has owned practices in Parma Italy, Manhattan, NY, and in Pantelleria, Italy since 2011. She is the owner of BGI Europe Seminars. Amy met Sue Brown, D.C. shortly before graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 1999 and was transformed by her teachings and approach. Upon graduation Amy was asked to join the fledgling staff for BGI Seminars, and has been teaching BGI ever since. She brings a fresh and practical energy to teaching and 20 years of BGI clinical experience to her seminars.  


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