Joe Shafer DC

28-30 June 2019

It is with great enthousiasm that we announce this breaking new work by our estimated colleague Joe Shafer DC: Novel Evaluation and Treatment Procedures for Brain Trauma PTSD, Memory Loss, Depression Anxiety and OBD

Brain trauma is well known to cause varied and often severe emotional, mental and physical consequences for the traumatised individual that worsen with time. Insidious degredation of the brain with age often begins 30 to 50 years prior to the diagnosis (ie. Alzheimer‘s). Chronic stress induced up-regulation of brain centres and down-regulation of others may and can lead to anxiety, depression, memory loss, abnormal and obsessive behaviours.

This course will demonstrate and instruct the clinician in the use of low Hz, transcranial vibration stimuus to the skull as a non-invasive, diagnostic provocation for brain. Vibration imparts a ‘quivering or shaking’ stimulus, primarily to the area of the brain that is close to the skull where the vibration is applied. When a flaw in the brain is present, a ‘the existing discoherence or central regulatory defect’ is enhanced causing the normal, unconscious, inhibitory efferents from the brain to become dysfunctional and extensor muscle function is disturbed. This abnormal muscle response provides the clinician with a ‘clinical marker’ whereby therapeutic inputs may be examined for efficacy.

Therapeutic evaluation and treatment is made through the meridian system using simple, non-invasive manipulation methods combined with transcranial magnetic stimulus over the skull area overlying the dysfunctional brain. Acupuncture and meridian treatment for post-traumatic brain inury is well-documented (see accompanying references).

Coupled with herbal therapy input designed specifically for brain recovery (Danial Amen MD, et al), the therapeutic input is simple & effective leading to enhanced patient brain recovery and function.

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